Sunday, January 20, 2008

Political Correctness in Gaza /Some more primary thoughts

Public Security Minister Avi Dichter is right on target for blasting Olmert and Barak for failure to STOP (not diminish) rocket attacks aimed at Sderot and the Negev.
This policy is political correctness at the highest level, except it affects the lives and property as well as the sense of security of those who live every day under the threat of a rocket barrage.
Israel has the means to disarm and inflict real damage on Hamas.If Abbas resigns-so what?
The "peace process " is a sham, that can never succeed.As long as the Arabs maintain a hope to drive the Jews into the sea,and destroy Israel then the political maneuverering is just show-business.
Golda Meir was right- there is no such a thing ,nor has there ever been a Palestinian People.A Palestinian State is a mortal danger to the survival of Israel.
The PA will never agree to:
Israel as a JEWISH STATE
No return of "refugees" to Israel
A demilitarized state
Israel maintaining ownership of the Temple Mount
In addition to not getting back E. Jerusalem, Maale Adumim,Har Homa etc.
Let's get the Winograd Report ,and let us see what political courage Labor and Shas have.


It appears that John McCain has found his way.Republican voters like myself,have looked over the field, and concluded his straight talk, consistency and experience trump our disagreement with him over some issues.
The Black-Hispanic divide, as seen in yesterdays Nevada vote is a dangerous problem for Hillary.With Blacks giving her only 16% of the vote, will they stay home if she beats Obama?

My suggestion for a Newt spot on a McCain-Gingrich ticket has an added dimension.McCain has indicated that he would probably serve only one term if elected.Thus Newt would be young enough to run for Pres. in '12. His candidacy would energize the Republican base.