Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mrs. McCain / Rush and Hannity

When Sen. McCain threatened to have his mother wash out George Norris' mouth with soap, it sounded funny, and reminded me of Pres. Truman promising to punch out the music critic who criticized his daughter's voice.But after seeing his 96 year old mother being interviewed she is really on the ball,and has perfect mentation.McCain has longevity on his side.

It is sad to hear the conservative radio talk hosts go after Sen. McCain for his alleged lack of Conservative credentials.I have never voted for a Democratic Pres. candidate since LBJ, and I consider myself a Conservative -Independent.I disagree with John McCain in many areas, including Guantanamo,use of torture, immigration and a few others.
However I am not a purist,and on national security and terrorism issues,Israel and most issues he is the best man to lead our country -an of course to attract Independents.
He is a man of Honor,and to attack him day after day,is to weaken him and perhaps allow Hillary to win,