Sunday, January 27, 2008

Parsha Diplmatit / Israel policy

Usually I criticize the Israeli foreign policy establishment and political leadership(as I will do in the second half of todays blog),however, I was pleasantly suprised when I received a present in the mail on Friday.
It was a soft covered book of Torah thoughts ,entitltled PARSHA DIPLOMATIT, written by a member of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Daniel Taub. He writes a personal analysis of each portion of the Torah from a diplomatic perspective.
Yesterday, in my weekly Parshat Hashavuah class,(portion of the Week) I referred to the thoughts of Mr Taub, who I have never met.
The concept of reaching out from the Government of Israel to the Diaspora, not just with political bulletins and updates, but words of Torah that bind us together, made a very significant impact on me.
Kudos to Benjamin Krasna,the number 2 man in the NY Consulate for his efforts in distributing the sefer.His father is Dr Irwin Krasna, a famous pediatric surgeon,who made aliya many years ago,and has brought great honor to the yeshivot he attended.


As one reads the daily news stories from Israel, one cannot but be impressed with the lack of consistency on the part of the leadership.
Everyday,we have Gaza suppliies either being cut-off or restored.We have different ministries announcing opposite goals.
Thus, Israel will never stop building within Municipal Jerusalem,or all permits have been stopped.
Shas will leave the Govt.,if Jerusalerm is discussed with Abbas,except when its(the discussion) not announced publicly.
Barak will leave the Govt. after Winograd, unless it appears his faction cannot win the election.
Israel will not tolearate rockets hitting its cities and towns, except when there is no mass casualties that will cause an uproar.
Israel will respond with mass force to such attacks,unless its not the right time.
It makes for interesting reading,but leaves a lot to be desired in a leadership whose only direction come from keeping away from Condi Rice,and Bibi.