Monday, January 07, 2008

McCain and earmarks / Olmert and the Road Map

I first met Sen. John McCain , when he was a Congressman, running for the Senate.I was interested in him because we were both Vietnam veterans.Shortly thereafter, I brought him to Monsey for a HUVPAC event.
I have always admired his straight talk, even if I didn't agree with him on every issue.However, yesterday, for the first time I learned that in his entire Congressional career, spanning about 25 years, he has never requested a single EARMARK for the State of Arizona.
That is quite amazing!I can't tell you how many of his colleagues can make the same claim.
Thus when he talks about lowering spending, and vetoing every earmark, we can see his sincerety.

Looking at the Barack Obama phenomonon, it resembles a rock star concert and not a serious discussion on how to bring about change.
It would be nice if he told us how in his career in the Illinois State Senate,or the US Senate,he has worked for bipartisanship or CHANGE !


Olmert is falling all over himself to get in line with the Road Map, BEFORE THE BUSH VISIT.
But, he totally ignores the 14 points of objection that the Israeli Cabinet under PM Sharon raised,when the Road Map was presented.
Where is the backbone of Olmert?