Tuesday, January 22, 2008


The involvement of the UN Security Council in the Gaza blockade,once again illustrates the one sidedness of the world when it comes to Jewish lives.Of course they "understand" why the Israelis would be unhappy,but to respond by killing terrorists,or trying to force the population to make Hamas stop,by using economic pressure-that is "genocide'.
And so without a mention of the thousands of rockets that have hit Sderot,etc,theUN would be happy to condemn Israel.
It is the US, that will veto this resolution.

As we look at Presidential candidates, our community should look at the following:
Is the candidate interested in the US-Israel relationship ?
Is there a record of votes, resolution,signing of joint letters on behalf of a strong US-Israel relationship?
Have they visited Israel?
Do they have now or ever a position paper on ME issues?
Who are their advisors? ( Madeline Albright? Podhoretz? bryzinski? (sp?)
Have they spoken or defined their positions on Jerusalem? Har Homa? Iran? settlements? etc.


The Obama -Clinton debate yesterday was brutal.If Bill Clinton is acting this way during a campaign, just imagine how he will be if she is elected!
The lines at the early polling places in some area of Florida are long, and perhaps 40-50% of the people will have voted by next Tues.Some may have voted for Thompson before he got out, and others before the S.C. McCain victory.
How these early ballots will affect the outcome is hard to determine at this stage.