Thursday, January 17, 2008

Joe Lieberman for Sec. of State-Newt for V.P? / Der Pintele Muslim ?

I saw an old friend. Joe Lieberman yesterday, campaigning in Fla for John McCain.I am sure he believes McCain is best suited for the job,however it is an opportunity for payback to his Dem. colleagues, who screwed him ( or tried to) in the last election.
It's a long way to election time, but how would a Lieberman appointment for Sec. of State sound.?
This leads me to suggest that Newt Gingrich would be a great running mate for McCain,since he would galvanize all the social conservatives who might not be enthusiastic for McCain.
As we go into Nevada, we see the rancor in the Dem. party increase.Similarly, S.C., presents a challenge which McCain must overcome to march on to Fl.
Again, I have that queesy feeling when I hear Huckabee back on the Christianity track ,as he visits S.C. churches.

Although Obama is not a Muslim,my question is this.In the Jewish religion when someone is far away from observance,however at a certain time he has a spark of Jewishness, we call it a "PINTELE YID " -a smattering , or a deep seated unconscious attachment to ones roots.
With a Muslim father, and being sorrounded in his early youth in a Muslim environment, is there such a thing as a " PINTELE MUSLIM ? - with deep seated feelings,which could color decisions re terrorism and the Middle East?