Friday, February 01, 2008

Barak the liberal NEOPHYTE

A few thoughts before the Sabbath:
The announcement by the National Journal that Sen. Barak Obama is the most liberal Senate member in 2007 merely proves how left he has gone in this cycle.But not far behind is Hillary ( # 16) as they try to capture the left wing of the party.
The difference is, that Obama has always been a leftie, but Hillary has tried to be a centrist for 6-7 years on foreign affairs, but has had to bow to political realities.
The endorsement of Obama , by MOVE ON. ORG , may help him on Super Tues., but Americans know who they are.
The worst thing of yesterday,is Barak"s announcement that he would call a summit of Muslim Nations if elected.What does he think they will tell him? Have Israel withdraw,give up Jerusalem,etc, etc.
This is the height of naivet'ee.
Beware of a Barak Presidency!