Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What Goes Around..

I could not help thinking last nite as I saw Joe Lieberman standing behind John McCain , how things might have been different.
When Lieberman ran for re-election, the Move-On.Org people mobilized the left in Ct.,to support Lamont.When Lamont defeated Lieberman in the primary, a few Democratic Senators,stood behind Joe. Hillary was not one of them..
She could have remained silent,or placed Country over party.However, her eyes were on the Presidential primaries.
And so, Lieberman won,which allowed him total freedom to speak out on national defense issues,and of course campaign for McCain.
Now,these same left wingers, have turned on Hillary and she lost the State yesterday to Obama.
A fitting ending to an act of political cowardice.

One has to respect the Obama showing,and evidently it's really not over until the fat lady sings.That could be at the convention.
Will the super-delegates or the credentials committee findings,lead to such hard feelings,that it could endanger the unity that the Dems expected? STAY TUNED=it's great political theater.

I want to amplify my praise of Huckabee.I would not want him as the number one on the ticket, because he in my opinion does not appreciate the need to keep religion out of politics.As number two on a McCain ticket,his choice would be more palatable.