Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pollitical timidity

I thank my son for blogging while we were on our cruise.

Hillary had two opportunities to hit home runs against Obama during the recent debate.
On the question did she consider Obama ready to become CIC on day one,she should have answered NO- and explained.
On the issue of immediate negotiations with Raoul Castro,she should have said "Senator Obama ,you are naive and inexperienced.You were prepared to bomb an independent country -Pakistan without consent,prepared to sit down with Iranian leaders with no agenda , pre-conditions or preperation, and now Cuba."
On both issues she held back, for fear of getting the same reaction as her plagarism response.The result was less than favorable for her and her supposed leadership issue.

Thus, it will be up to not only McCain but the 527 organizations to clearly discuss Obama and foreign policy; Michelle Obama and her lack of pride in America: Obama and his feelings toward the Pledge of Allegiance .Obama and his conception of "Unity" which means a far left liberal socialistic Congress ; to document any legislative victories Obama can claim in the Senate ( 0 ), or how and when he tried to bring Republicans and Democrats together ( never).

When the nominations are sealed, the time for hero worship will be over, and it will be time to examine the records not of rhetoric, but of leadership and votes.It will be time for specifics regarding issues,such as Iranian nuclear power, N. Korea, Hamas and its attempt to destroy Israel -on a daily basis, Kosovo, Putin and missiles,OPEC and its stranglehold on energy, and other such issues.
Women swooning and fainting are great for a rock concert, not for a Presidential campaign.
And, the attacks by liberal Jewish so-called leaders and religious organizations.on those who dare criticize Obama for being less pro-Israel than Hillary,McCain or Huckabee are way off base.
No one should be immune from careful inspection.We have to know,would he veto anti-Israel resolutions at the Security Council like Bush/ Clinton/Bush and Reagan or not?
Why did he support a resolution ( the only Dem Presidential candidate to do so) that would ban Cluster bombs? This was aimed at Israel in its battle against Hizbollah. These and similar questions--VERY, VERY SPECIFIC IN NATURE should be asked and answered not by feel -good surrogates, but by the candidate.

Bush has been the best friend Israel has had.Our community should strive for a continuity and improvement of pro-Israel policies,and be careful of empty rhetoric.