Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Profiles in Courage or Politics ? /candy in Gaza/ Question:Can you name one Obama accomplishment?

The decision by Ehud Barak to retain his Cabinet seat, is couched in terms that would make it appear he is doing it for partiotic purposes.The peace process, the Dimona attack , the rockets in Sderot etc.This would be fine, if we somehow didn't know that he is afraid to face the voters,and is hoping to build up his image in the polling against Bibi.When he twice made his promise to resign after Winograd,conditions on the ground were the SAME!
There is little signs of PROFILES in COURAGE in ISRAEL.It's more likely, "I love my Volvo and driver."

It was interesting to read Mike Huckabee's op-ed in yesterdays Jerusalem Post, and to note that he has visited Israel nine times.HE IS A REAL FRIEND.
My thoughts are,that if McCain (as looks likely) wins the nomination ,he will need a real Conservative as V.P. nominee.I previously mentioned Newt.Huckabee and Gov. Charlie Crist of Fla, who traveled to N.J. yesterday with McCain would be good choices.


Note: Arab children in Gaza celebrating the suicide bomber attack in Dimona, by handing out candy to motorists .


Yesterday Sean Hannity on his program had Frank Luntz ,the pollster interviewing a group of Democratic voters.Sean had Luntz ask the group of about 25 people ," could you name a single Obama accomplishment? NOT A SINGLE RESPONSE!
So much for his record and past-its all star power-period=he is like a ROCK-STAR
plenty of music,prose, PR, but where is the BEEF?