Monday, February 25, 2008

More on Osama

Shame on Obama for distancing himself from the ideas of the Likud Party in yesterdays meeting with Jews. How would he like it if the leading candidate for Israeli PM,would announce that he prefers the policies of John McCain ?
This is but another clue that he is leading the left wing of the Dems,and if he is elected during a Netanyahu PMship,Israel will be in trouble.(They will be in trouble anyway with an Obama Presidency).He should respect the Israeli Democracy, and the special relationship between our two countries regardless of party in power in our respective countries.

A few more questions to ponder from yesterday.
If Obama wins, will he visit and pay tribute to the grave of Yasir Arafat?(when he visits)
If Obama wins,and he holds a Muslim summit,will Hamas,Hizbollah (Nasrallah) and Islamic Jihad be invited (with or without pre-conditions) ?


PM Olmert has promised the residents of Sderot they will be protected by 2010.
Firstly a lot of Jews can die by then.
He bases his "optimism" on the Iron Dome Defense system that will knock out incoming missiles.
The problem is,that this system is only effective for missiles that are 4 KM. from the target.
Sderot is only 2 KM from Beit Hanun from which many of the Kassams are fired.
What is needed, is for the IDF to go into Gaza and create a buffer of 4 KM ,that will serve as a barrier.If it requires that the area be leveled,then so be it.
Olmert should do this before Nov,in case Barak Hussein Obama becomes Pres.

By the way, one person who doesn't agree with me regarding Obama,is Ralph Nader who yesterday accused BHO of being too pro-Israel. We know where he is coming from..