Thursday, February 07, 2008

Speaking out of both sides if the mouth / a reminder of the Hillary- Lieberman relationship

Reading todays Jerusalem Post,we see both Eli Yishai of Shas, and Ehud Barak of Labor, placing a spin on their remaining in the coalition.
Yishai predicted elections by Nov., and Barak again said Olmert has to take personal responsibility fot the war and Winograd.
What do they really mean? what is their timetable?


As I thought more about my blog yesterday on Hillary and Joe, I recalled an interesting tidbit.
When Hillary got into the brougha regarding Suha Arafat, as Pres. of the OU, I was going to disinvite Hillary to a previously scheduled luncheon at our headquarters.
I called Lieberman, and elicited his advice.He stated clearly, that I should not disinvite her, for if she wins, she would become a "baalat tshuvah".( one who returns to the faith).
In turn,Hillary asked me to allow Leiberman to introduce her. While I declined. and introduced her myself, Hhe did follow me with a glowing intro.
Amazing how perspectives change in politics.

I was told that Mike Huckabee had a small meeting today with pro-Israel activists in NY , and they were all extremely impressed with his presentation, and knowledge of the issues.
I heard most of McCains speech to the Conservative CPAC, and I felt he did well.
Those who want to sit out the elections, will have to answer for defeat in Iraq,and against terrorism should the Dems win.