Sunday, February 10, 2008

secret negotiations / liberal primary voters /Rush and the conservatives

The revelations that secret PA-Israel talks have taken place, should come as no suprise. Every country that has negotiations with an enemy, has secret meetings.What makes this important, is the fact that Shas has promised to leave the coalition if Jerusalem is on the agenda-which it evidently was.
What kind of excuse will we get now, for not leaving?
PM Olmert,has blasted the Sderot residents for fomenting fear after the daily barrages of Kassams on their homes.Anger is not a policy he claims.
Rather, he would like to be very Christian about it, and turn the other cheek!


I watched Obama's talk to the Virginia Democratic party last nite.He was terrific-and I could see how the heart throbbers-a la Elvis or the Beatles are jumping.
However before we coronate him as Pres.,we should remember Democratic caucus voters are the left of the left.They are in higher economic brackets, and they come out in only relatively large numbers.This is because the caucuses,might have under 30,000 voters in a State.
Before you crown him the winner, let's wait for the remaining big States.
These primary voters are the ones who defeated Lieberman by Lamont in the primary. We saw how that turned out

Listening to Rush on the radio Fri, made me sick. He emphasized,that it is only the Senate races that can prevent a liberal takeover.
Yet, it is the President who can pull the troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.It is the Pres who can stand up to Iran and Nicaragua.Only the President can deal with N Korea, appoint S.C. Judges, and so on.
Rush and his compatriots have gone out on a limb,with no egress.It's time to return to normalcy.
The logic is not there, and their daily harangues are not helping their cause.