Saturday, February 02, 2008


I clearly remember the last Democratic National Convention where Senate candidate Barack Hussein Obama made a major address.I recall either before or after,Obama sitting with the cable Tv people,and they were touting him as a fresh "leader" who would be a force in future national elections. I'm sorry I don't recall the exact words, but I remember saying to myself, "He has not even won his contest, or served a day in the Senate and yet the left wing broadcasters are pushing this man."
As we look at the current contest, it is clear that Barack has rock-star appeal.He is young, light on his feet and photogenic. He occasionally borders on great oratory There is an element of poetry in his words.
Yet, it is clear, that we are not electing a poet laureate, or an intellect.Rather, there are serious issues that threaten us not only today, but for decades in the future.How we will respond to Islamic terror and fundamentalism will determine our future.Of course the economy is vital.However, the economy runs in cycles, and the power of America is such that we beat Germany and Japan and Communism because in the end we are an economic giant.There may be a credit cruch, or a recession of sorts, but we have been through them before,only to come out stronger than before.Yes health care is important,as is the future of Social Security and Medicare.However, if our country and our way of life is threatened here and abroad,all of that is
Obama and the Democrats, have refused to recognize the true threats we are under.They have stalled the Intelligence Bill,tried to micro-manage the military,and used partisanship to the detriment of our country.They are in bed with the worst left wing elements of our body politic.As pointed out in the op-ed in todays WSJ by Gerstein, these are the people who tried unsuccessfully to beat Joe Lieberman.
If we want a made for TV rock-star President, my vote is for Obama.If we want someone who is truly prepared( no phoney baloney) from day 1 to be Commander-in-Chief , my vote is for John McCain.
And to those "conservative" commentators who persist in attacking McCain, or in saying they will stay home or vote for Hillary if he is nominated,then I say 2 things.
1-go out and meet a cross section of Republican supporters,who voted for Reagan, Bush I and II;
2-you are as dangerous to the Republican Party as Move-On.Org or the Kos is to the Dems.