Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Obama and the Jews

As one listens to the talking political talking heads on cable TV,the question popping up more frequently regards Obama and the Jews.The Dem. spokespeople correctly assert that he has plenty of Jewish support,in addition to the positive public statements of the leaders of the major Jewish organizations.
However, my analyses is that the uneasiness toward Obama is felt on a one on one level-we see it whenever our people gather socially or for prayer.This is especially true in the Orthodox and right-wing Conservative elements.
I do not believe that leaders of organizations will be able to influence "Amcha" -the man in the street, when they have suspicions of his roots, and his old buddies, and of course his left wing views on security.
Will this matter? I don't know-except thousands of Orthodox Jews in Brookly for example who would vote for Hillary might have hesitations.Perhaps its tens of thousands- it is too early to tell,but McCain with a solid pro-Israel record has a shot to make major inroads in our community.