Thursday, February 28, 2008

Israel at war/ H. Obama

Israel is at war! PERIOD !, However they are fighting it with both hands tied behind their backs.
It reminds me of a parent who keeps warning a wayward child, but never quite brings himself to punish the child.If you look back in the JPost or Haaretz,almost no week passes without 3 to 7 warnings from the PM, Defense Minister,Security Cabinet etc, that Israel will not tolerate the Kassams and will destroy the ability of Hamas to continue their tirade.
Sadly it is mostly talk,and the enemy knows it.Yes a few IDF air sorties,but no change on the ground.
How many more Jews must die?

For the life of me,I do not understand the hyper-political correctness re: Obama.
When JFK ran,the question of his Catholicism was openly discussed.
When Joe Lieberman ran,I personally answered about 40 reporters calls re: his religion and the role of Orthodox Judiasm in his life.
While Romney was a viable candidate,he was forced to make a JFK-like speech on his Mormon faith.
Mike Huckabee,a preacher had a commercial with a cross in the background ,and we all discussed -Is this good for America? Did he step over the Church/State line?
However,when Obama has his middle name mentioned in print or via a public speaker, it is prima fascia evidence of anti-Muslim biogotry, that attempts to label the candidate as perhaps a Muslim.

A candidates upbringing,schooling employment history,health,intake of drugs and alcohol,as well as family life may play a role in how each of us evaluates a candidate ,in addition to their votes and public posture.This is especially true when we are considering the Presidency.

Suppose his first name was HUSSEIN,would we be obligated to call him
H. Obama, because his first name might be considered inflammatory.
Incidentally,in all his adult life, he never petitioned a court to delete or change his middle name( I assume he is proud of it).
He is getting a free ride from the Press in the Hillary-Barack battle.