Monday, November 05, 2012


I was in the dentist's  office today, and a young single woman about 20 started speaking Hebrew to me.She told me that despite her love of Israel, and the knowledge that Romney would be better for Israel, she was likely to vote for Obama.
She then repeated the litany of what policies Romney will  reverse from the women of America.
I cannot tolerate the scare tactics, lies and bitter negative attacks by the Chicago crowd,
T think the last remark by Obama regarding vote for "revenge" says it all.
Romney who looks more Presidential said vote for "love of country"

We will shortly see whether the main street media,and their pollsters have so hyped the numbers or not.
For example today CNN says the race us tied -based on a built-in advantage of 11 for Democrats.
Pew says it is 48-45 for Obama based on D+6
This is despite last Weeks Gallup poll that definitively said unlike 2008, today there are more Republicans inn the electorate, plus a large number if independents who favor Romney.
Thus we will see if Rove, Dick Morris ,George Will , Michael Barone and a few other who are predicting a Romney victory +/- a landslide, are on the ball or behind the 8ball.