Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tisha B'av / Hypocrites

Today is a doubly sad day.
In the Jewish calender it is the 9th day of the month of Av,which commemorates the destruction of both Holy Temples in Jerusalem.It is a day of fasting,and prayer.We sit on the ground as one does in a house of mourning,
Even as we mourn the past,we worry about the present and the future.Anyone who has been in Rome,has visited the Arch of Titus with its vivid portrayal of the removal of the holy vessals that were taken from the Temple to Rome,hidden in the Vatican basement until this day,together with many prisoners.Yet despite the facts ,the PA and others deny the existance of our temple. The left would not hesitate to divide Jerusalem ,including giving away the Temple Mount.This is because they have no feeling for our history and our religion.They are Israelis not Jews.
This brings me to my second cause of sadness.,namely the apathy and total ignorance of such a large sector of American Jewry.We are in a community in Florida (and Ft. Lee) with huge Jewish populations.Yet the Shabbat, Tishe B'Av and our customs are foreign to most of them.They are the lost generation who today are senior citizens.They have not only gone astray themselves,but secondarily their children and future generations.Other than exposure to a possible baaal tshuva movement,their great-grandchildre are destined for assimilation and inter-marriage.
Only a massive well financed outreach program could reverse the future-and I see none in sight on a major scale.
Yet many of these individuals love Israel and have some fond memories of the customs of their grandparents.
In truth, my generation of othodox leaders and groups have failed to rise to the challenges!


America is a forgiving nation. When Barak Obama admitted playing with drugs at an early age,it has not become a campaign issue.
When Gov, David Patterson of N.Y. on his 3rd or so day in office brought his wife into a press conference to admit mutual extra-marital affairs,the issue was to date laid to rest.Not that this makes him a "tzadik" only that it is not newsworthy any more.
In contrast his predecessor,Gov. Spitzer, who played the "tzadik" in the realm of prostitution prosecution as a DA and then as A-G,paid the price for hypocrisy and criminal activity.He was left by his former "friends" to hang on the vine.
When Al Gore preaches conservation and his mansion is an energy super-guzzler,and he drives in 3 car motorcades with big vans, and flies a private jet,and a big boat,he is a HYPOCRITE.
Sen John Edward ,a sleazy malpractice lawyer,who criticized Bill Clinton's indescretions, claimed he was the future "poverty" President,even as he lived the life of super-luxury in a huge mansion.
As my wife and I looked at him as he campaigned months ago,we both commented on his persistent blinking. The insincerety just poured forth.Now he has the gall to partially excuse his adultery by claiming it was during his wifes remission.HUH?
By the way,when did a MAMZER or the common useage BASTARD become the politically correct "love-child"?
The story is not finished.The father of the child, and the source of the womans income and rent are the future chapters.Was campaign funding used anywhere in this saga?