Monday, August 11, 2008

McCain vs Obama as our CIC

We live in a dangerous world.Russian imperialism once again threatening not just Georgia, but the entire region.N. Korea, and its nuclear program,China and its assault on human rights,Iran,Nicaraugua ,the ME,and Islamic fascism are on the incomplete agenda of world trouble spots.
Yes the war in Iraq and Afghanistan are important since in addition to the threats involved,we have troops on the ground.
Thus,our choice of the next President is a key element in our ability to face up to these challenges,and any other that inevitably will raise its head during the next four years.
I shudder to think that an inexperienced young Senator ,with zero accomplishments,and an equal amount of foreign policy experience could be thrust into that position.How crazy would that be?
Watching John McCain this morning issue a statement on the Russian invasion,and his deep understand of the implications of the Russian attack on Ukraine and other former Soviet Union countries,gave me a sense of assurance that here was a man we could trust and follow.It was not a boiler plate statement like Obama,but it touched upon actions our country and our allies in the EU should take.Moreover McCain has spoken in recent weeks to the Georgian President,and has visited the provinces involved in the conflict.
More than that, McCain has been right on target with his mistrust of Putin.There are actions that the G-7 ,EU and the UN can undertake -even with a Russian veto.
Russia must know there is a price to pay for such aggression.
McCain was presidential!