Thursday, August 28, 2008

I did not have sex with that woman...

Kudos to Preident Clinton.No other politician can match his charisma and ability to hold a crowd,and lay out a logical (,even if full of half-truths). agenda.
How many others can describe a person in terms used for a Chicago political ward heeler (THUG),and the next day look you on the eye and call that person a great leader,and CIC .

Clinton is the master of faked sincerety."I did not ( finger pointing ) have sex with rhat woman."
Nevertheless the electricity for the moment is on Denver and the huge stage in Invesco Stadium.The press is overwhelmed with "the history" of it all.Thus the Gallup poll showed an Obama bump today
It will not be easy fot McCain to regain the nations attention.Thus his VP choice at least for now is critical.
However,when we can get down to discussing issues, be it Free Trade,taxes and of course foreign policy the tide should turn.
This election is really about the political sophistication of the American people,and I have confidence that they can see beyond the rock-star and his ultra-thin resum'e.