Sunday, August 24, 2008

Biden and Iran

During the over 20 years I led the Hudsson Valley PAC (HUVPAC) I had the pleasure of inviting Sen. Biden many times to speak at our Washington luncheons.I found him to be easily approachable,intelligent and knowledgeable on our issues.He has always had a strong pro-Israel record,and a friend of our community.
In regard to Iran,he was only one of four Senators to vote against the Iran Missile Proliferation Sanctions Act,and the 2007 Kyl-Lieberman Amendment which labeled the Iranian Guard as a terrorist organization.
He was quoted on MSNBC as saying he "never believed" Iran had a weapon system under production.
Iran is a major security issue, and this history raises some additional concerns about the Democratic ticket.
Ambassador Zalman Shoval who served 2 tours as Israeli Ambassador to Washington said today, that while Biden is a friend,he is one of those who sometimes believes he know what is best for Israel even if it contradicts the decisions of the elected Israeli officials.
Shoval likewise commented on his failure ti support Kyl-Lieberman.