Sunday, August 03, 2008

A House Session without TV

I just sent an e-mail to Cong Mike Pence R-of Indiana who is one of the leaders of the demonstration by GOP Congressmwn to go to the House floor, and discuss energy despite Nancy Pelosi shutting the lights and microphones.
My query to him is why in this day of portable electronics they cannot bring in mini-tv or transmission equiptment.Since the House is not in session,they would be in violation of no rules.
As I said a few days ago, to refuse to allow votes on an issue that 75% of Americans support ,namely off-shore oil drilling, is as un-American and undemocratic as anything you can think of.
The idea that she is going to save the planet,or that Harry Reid will prevent Obama from voting on this issue, will not hold water.Obama has refused to debate one on one on these issues,and his polling numbers are starting to reflect this concept that he is the ordained " ONE ".
Americans are not dumb,and after the rock-star aura,come the real questions .This morning I tried one such question on a Bush-hater who will vote for Obama.
Name me one Obama accomplishment?--SILENCE followed by "I hate Bush!"
But most people I believe will start seeing that McCain is not Bush,and change without direction is merely mayhem.
Incidentally Pence is one of the young dynamic leaders of the next generation of Republican conservatives.Like Eric Cantor, now being mentioned as a possible VP candidate,they represent the future.