Thursday, July 31, 2008


I sense a turn-around in the making.The Obama celebrity tour to Europe and the battle zones was planned to give him a spike in the polls.By all reason, he shoud have come home with a double digit lead.This is especially true in light of the bland McCain effort.
It appears he overplayed his hand.He started acting not only as THE PRESIDENT, but as THE MESSIAH.
The world is waiting for him he explained.
The oceans and the heavens have been waiting for this moment!
How can 200,000 Berliners be wrong?(Remember the throngs of adulation at that very area 60 years ago)
Suddenly the late nite comics who 2-3 weeks ago could not find any funny material about him,have hit their stride.
The polls show a tightening, with Real Clear Politics showing a slight Florida lead for McCain.
McCain has found his tongue.He is still wrong on ANWAR, but his "celebrity " message is right on track.
Now some Obama supporters playing the race card,saying that the accusations OF "EGOTISM ETC:" ARE BECAUSE HE IS A BLACK MAN,
The lyrics of the black rapper whose name I forget,that is being played on Fox and talk radio, is dangerous,especially since he is an Obama friend.
The contest is just beginning,and it will be tough going.
I am a bit disappointed in David Gergen who is a CNN consultant, with a great deal of political experience in the White House for having a subtle but real Obama tilt to his analyses.