Friday, July 18, 2008

Teaneck Explosion /Obama trip

I thank G-d that our children Banji and Ari ,and our grandchild Matthew who was home, were not injured in the blast that destroyed their next-door neighbors home in Teaneck yesterday.The explosion site is awesome, and nothing is left but a chimney.
Their home only had some glass damage, and the front door was broken into by the fire department.The lawn and driveway is reminiscent of the scenes you see on TV after a tornado.Parts of the destroyed home are all ovewr the lawn, driveway and street.The other kids were in camp.
Sadly Mr. Haas, the owner lost his life in the accident.Why this occurred when for weeks the street has been complaining about a gas smell is unclear at this moment.Even a few hours before the explosion PS&G had a crew there.
It appears that the workers on the scene are mum about what took place, probably fearing the legal reprecussions.
Hopefully by tomorrow, they will be able to safely be back in their home.


I am confused re: the Obama trip, especially to the war zones.He is going to be briefed on conditions on the ground,and have his first ever meeting with Petrius, and his first ever visit to Afghanistan; but he already has announced his conclusions AND ACTIONS IF ELECTED.
The media circus in contast to the McCain trips to Iraq and Columbia highlight the one-sidedness of the press.