Wednesday, July 02, 2008


It is not clear exactly what is gained by talking of a military strike against Iran.Aside from the economic jitters, and the counter-threats from Iran, could Israel be overplaying their hand.
When they struck Osirak and Syria ,the stikes were surgical and without pre-strike fanfare.
Surely Iran knows they are close to the "red line",yet they appear unmoved by world reaction.Bush is weak,and coming to the end of his Presidency.Olmert is weak and Israel has not gotten over its defeat in Lebanon.Hamas and Hezbollah are outsmarting them, every day..
The danger of course is that Iran might be convinced that a suprise long-range missile attack on Israel would be in their interests.They could top it off with attacks from Hamas and or Hezbollah, who they control.
It is time for Israel to speak with one voice,perhaps form a National Unity Govt.,and do what they have to do without the daily warnings and leaks to the Press.
Speaking of leaks,one cannot be pleased that a secret agreement between the President and the leaders in Congress to increase covert activity in Iran. wound up on the NY Times front page.So much for responsibility!