Sunday, July 13, 2008

AIPAC / ads,ads, ads

Last week I spoke about AIPAC,and how important it still is.Yet many do not recognize the daily efforts and results of AIPAC,so I thought I would mention one not well known fact.
Last year, the US and Israel signed a 10 year military aid agreement whereby Israel would get 30 billion over 10 years.However the money would have to be appropriated annually by Congress.As we know, almost the entire budget is frozen,yet we were able to see a 170 million increase in aid inserted into the recently passed Iraq-Afghanistan appropriation bill.
One cannot help but react negatively to large numbers of distasteful TV ads.
Today, I saw one for a law firm that specializes not only in home-visits , but in addition to the usual AMBULANCE CHASING CASES,IS INTERESTED IN DOG BITES.They obviously are the dog owners worst nemesis.

Ad after ad show new cars driving at reckless speeds, with young attractive drivers,even as safety ads are emphasizing safe driving. Today, the ad showed a used car speeding along past a sign warning that the road ahead is closed.You are sure its an ad to warn young people against speeding.No, it's to show you how great the brakes are in this used car.

As a physician, I am not particularly thrilled with drug companies advertising prescription drugs for complicated therapies on TV.The profit motive has overtaken the balance between good medical care, and patient -doctor relationship.
However, when Viagra shows newlyweds crossing the threshold as models for their drug,something is wrong!