Sunday, July 06, 2008

Iran, / campaign flip-flops

Up to this point the Iranian response to International offers is a masterful evasion.They have been able to say NO-MAYBE-YES all in the same sentence,and buy some more time for their nuclear development.The minute they announce that there will be a statement, the optimists start pumping out the good news scenario.It reminds me of a head waiter I served under in the Catskills ( as a busboy ) who wanted to alert the staff by saying "we're starting in to start in".
this obsfucation is similar to the act that N. Korea is playing out at present.They now threaten not to go to the next step of identifying and destroying nuclear weapons without additional economic aid.
The clock is ticking,and hopefully the intelligence community especially in Israel,is monitoring the nuclear projects before it is too late.


It is intersting that both Obama and McCain have been acccused of flip-flops on major issues.But if we examine the reversals we see a pattern.
On drilling,McCain was agaist off-shore drilling when gas was two dollars a gallon.Today it is double,and the newer technology allows for a cleaner and safer drilling experience.He still opposes Alaskan drilling,which I believe he should reconsider.On other points he has made modifications based not upon breaking with stated principles, but changes of circumstances of facts on the ground.
Obama however has changed ON IRAQ, FISA, ,CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS-FEDERAL FINANCING, GUN CONTROL AND THE SUPREME COURT AS WELL AS THE DEATH PENALTY FOR CHILD RAPISTS, not because conditions on the ground have changed, but a political decision based on a shift to the right.
Yet Obama is not being blamed for these flip-flops -surely a teflon candidate up to now!