Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I have but one thought this morning:
The media is playing up the Obama trip as a method of strengthening his "foreign policy credentials".
In the middle of a campaign,with a cast of 300 advisors e-mailing him what to cover each day,how does this 3 year Senator, without a single accomplishment in foreign policy legislation,who in the midst of 2 wars,now makes a grand enterance subsequent to announcing his conclusions ,who was prepared a-la Reagan and Kennedy to stand at the site of the old Berlin Wall and deliver a campaign speech in the same haughty manner he created a "pseudo-presidential"shield,who spoke against the invasion of Iraq as a State Senator with little facts in front of him, and who refuses to concede Iraq has changed because of the surge,who was forced to show he knows litttle of the nuances of Israeli-PA issues,--how can one foreign trip make him an expert?
It reminds me of a young intern just starting his medical career,walking into the operating room,and announcing he hopes to become Chief of Surgery,and would like to spend the day observing seasoned surgeons perform, in order to fatten his resume' and expertise.