Monday, July 21, 2008

NYT op-ed policy / Rasmussen / Lieberman on the surge

Americans now recognize the one sidedness of the press toward Obama.The National Review documents the frequency of Obama's face on Newsweek's cover since he announced for Pres.
Now the NYT refused an op-ed submitted by Sen. McCain because he would not include a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq.
Not only do they shade the news,but are trying to censor!


The Rasmussen Report notes that if Israel attacks Iran, 42% of Americans believe we should aid them.On the other hand 46% believe we should do nothing, while 1% are in favor of helping Iran.
What is interesting is that most Republicans are in favor of helping, while most Democrats and Independents prefer doing nothing.The influence of the left wing is clear.Thus Obama can safely advocate talking to Ahmedijan without pre-conditions.
This is another indication that the Republican Party today is the ADDRESS of those who have deep feelings for Israel's security and viability while under the threat of a nuclear Iran.This is personified in their candidate.


Sen. Joe Lieberman was right on target when he stated the obvious.
Had the US followed the Obama/Reid/Pelosi/Dodd et al advice prior to the surge,the war would be over today with a US defeat,Al Quada in control and no ability fot Obama to visit Iraq.
As it is, ethnic violence is gone, victory is possible and although not guaranteed is closer because of the surge.
McCain's judgement was correct-Obama -juvenile and uninformed.