Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Obama and Israel.

You have to hand it to the Obama team.The pictures were perfect, the atmosphere great,and visits well thought out.
Having Dennis Ross and Amb. Danny Kurtzer on board allowed for the preperation of the candidate.Except for his answer to Jerusalem, which he referred to as a final status issue-he appears to have made no mistakes.
Yes Jerusalem is a final status issue,technically,however the Congress has passed resolutions confirming that Jerusalem is the eternal indivisible Capitol.Israel has declared that the status of Jerusalem cannot be changed.
Furthermore the "road-map" calls for the end of armed insurgents, the rule of law,the acceptance by the PA as a Jewish State,the end of incitement and so on, before any kind of further negotiations can take place.
The positive point is that had there not been a public outcry regarding his middle-east knowledge, his statements and positions would be quite unacceptable to our community.
The fact is that all this is scripted and made for TV.What he really believes,and who his overall advisors are in addition to his VP choice ,are yet to be determined.