Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gas and energy /Obama in Europe

This Sunday we started a 2 day trip to Florida.From NJ and on south, gas ranged between $3.83 and $ 3.99 per gallon. There were much less cars on the road than usual,and the motel we stayed in was not busy.
Oddly when we got to Boynton Beach, the gas was in that upper range(3.98),but only 5 minutes away in Delray Beach was 12 cents more.

When Pelosi took over as Speaker, she promised transparency.Now I can understand that she opposes fossil fuel and off-shore drilling.After all she is trying to "save the planet" a-la Gore Yet she and Harry Reid refuse even to entertain any serious motions to remove the Congressional ban.Where are their trust in the American public? McCain must hit harder on these energy issues.


As we drove ,I had a chance via CNN radio and NPR to listen to all the talk shows.Discarding the extreme conservative talk show hosts,a few things stick out:
Obama is no different from any other politician.
His Berlin rally speaking to the "world" was an ego trip, made for tv.
Playing basketball instead of visiting wounded troops sans media speaks to the real Obama.
His leak of his Kotel note is more of the same.
His failure to answer Katie Couric 4 times on the surge,speaks to a disonest individual who NEVER can say " I was wrong".
McCain needs some better media support.
Finally was the op-ed read on radio from a liberal columnist.He asked "name one event in Sen Obama's political life you can be proud of!"
The person he asked the question to thought a moment and said "His convention speech 4 years ago!"
The writer then went on to list a myriad of events in McCain's life from the military to his bi-partisanship on major issues, his courage in bucking the President and the Generals, as well as public opinion, make John McCain a person we can be proud of