Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gov. Crist / Iran

As a Florida resident,I cannot help but be impressed with Gov. Crist's performance and approval by the voters.Throughout the Fl. primary and thereafter,he was a constant at the side of Sen. McCain ,and I believed he would be a wonderful choice for Veep except he was not married.
Now that he has come out on favor of off - shore drilling, and announced his forthcoming marriage, he again can be considered a top-tier choice. This would cement the States in the McCain camp.

Over the last weeek, I have had the opportunity to participate in a few phone conferences which featured experts on the Iranian situation.One of these sposored by AIPAC was with John Bolton,which was off the record.Then on Tues AIPAC had a NY session with Avi Issachroff, the Haaretz Arab Affairs correspondent who spoke on the facts on the ground in Gaza and Lebanon.Then in my spare time I finished reading this months Commentary magazine,which has outstanding articles .One by Emanuele Ottolenghi of Brussels (Transatlantic Institute) on "The Iranian Shell Game" and the other by Travis Pantin on Hugo Chavez and his " Jewish Problem".
Integrating all of the above with events in Iran this week,brings to the forefront a sense of deep anxiety and frutration over the inability of the "free" world to appreciate the dangers that Iran carries not just for Israel but for America and the free world.
That Chavez gave 1 million dollars to Hizbollah to print his his picture on placards with Nasrallah is just icing on the cake.
Without a total and solid boycott of Iran, there is no hope of success in preventing Iranian nuclear development.In the meantime,Hamas, Hezbollah are growing stronger by the day.40,000 rockets now face Israel from Lebanon.Prior to the 'o6 war there were only 13,000 rockets.
Hamas is not only stronger, but more of an army than a RAG-TAG group of individuals.
Every single piece of industrial equipment Iran imports for cvilian use has a dual capacity for military use.Ie. Machines to build water tunnels can be used for building deep sanctuaries for nuclear development.
The clock is ticking.If the world does not react,Israel will either have to act unilaterally,or accept a NUCLEAR IRAN.