Monday, July 14, 2008

Jesse Jackson /Obama and Jerusalem

I certainly commend Sen. Obama for speaking plainly and with common sense regarding the Black " family". It is the message of Bill Cosby,and of the report many years ago by Sen. Moynihan.
Jessie Jackson is an embittererd frustrated individual, whose time has passed.He should be looking at the Oriental communities to see what can be done without massive government intervention,if only the desire is there for education etc.
Of course genes play a role, but that is a different subject.

The headlines in the Times should read that Obama totally backtracks on his committment to an "undivided " and eternal Israeli Capitol in Jerusalem.He now says it is a final status issue.
This is not merely a flip-flop! Rather it underscores his lack of knowledge of the issues with its nuances and implications.It also shows he has NO FEELING for the deep meaning of Jeruasalem in our history or nationhood.
In the Talmud we talk about a "KAL V'CHOMER" a fortieore. It means that for example if I have a million dollars I am wealthy,then Kal V'chomer if I have 2 million dollars I am wealthy.
If previous Presidents,.Bush and Clinton campaigned on moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem the eternal capital, and didn't do so for many reasons,then Kal V'chomer Obama who does not favor an undivided eternal capital will not be our friend on these issues.
All the Jewish advisers to the contrary, Obama is no Bush or McCain on our issues.
Speaking 0f which -his choice of Sen. Chuck Hagel to accompany him to Israel just reinforces that message.


The cover of the New Yorker is in poor taste,and I am shocked that it was published.Especially with the American flag burning in the background and her holding an assault weapon wearing an Afro, and him in a turban.
Despite their claiming it is political "satire', perhaps there are deep Freudian feelings on the part of the artists and publishers .