Thursday, July 24, 2008

Obama in Berlin

My kids went to the Billy Joel concert last week in Shea Stadium.Perhaps it's generational, or perhaps I can't let what little hair I have down, but I have never learned to appreciate rock stars .I have to admit if Billy Joel or Bruce Springsteen passed me on the street I would not recognize them.
Thus the mega-rally today in Berlin was impressive if the speaker was the Pope or one of the above-mentioned stars.But then again Obama is a glitzy star created by the media.Young,athletic, bright , good looking,and a great orator.
He wants not only to remake Congress, the United States,and now even the world.
He has talent and the looks,but is America ready for a novice?
Sadly John McCain has to battle not only the Bush record,the incompetence of the Republicans in Congress over these many years when they forgot their conservative principles, but also battle a superstar a-la Batman-Iron Man etc.
It will be tough, but Americans are sophisticated, and hopefully will be able to wash the glitz out of their starry eyes.