Thursday, August 21, 2008

The wars begin in earnest

The contest is getting dirtier a more silly.McCain was asked the definition of "rich",and of course it depends on so many factors-single/married, which community=how many children ?=do rhey go to private schools?= do you have to support an elderly parent?= do you have debts from school?=and on and on.McCain jokingly said "5 million" STATING IMMEDIATELY THEY WILL JUMP ON THIS EXXAGERATION.
And they did!
Now he take the heat for the fact that Cindy McCain is a wealthy heiress,worth $100million dollars.Their family foundation and trust owns houses for the kids etc.Many Americans take advantage of the taz laws to take similar steps, even if it affects only 1 or 2 tax lawyer has advised his clients in this regard.The reason is to minimize death and estate taxes.
If we want to examine each Senators real estate holding,and how they got the properties (including how they recieved their mortgages)-fine lets start with Kerry and include all 100.
Bur the Rezko alliance is real and the Ayers association is real,as well as the Rev. Wright connection for 20 years.
The campaign is geting started so hang on to your hats.!