Friday, January 01, 2010

A new year

I recall 10 years ago at the Millenium,how nervous we were that there would be a systemic failure in cyberspace.The terrible cost of the new decade and century was on everybody's mind.I remember that New Years eve was Friday nite,and some lamented that they would miss out on this once in a lifetime party because of shabbat.
Ten years of good and bad times have passed.Our country has been involved in 2 wars
and the political bitterness has never been so acute.We are divided culturally between those who want to remake America into a part of Europe and the socialist world,while rejecting our power and destiny to lead the world,and those who disagree.
The hallmark of the Obama and co. complaint to every problem is "we inherited it from Bush".Yet Sec. Gates was Defense Sec under Bush,and Geithner headed the NY Fed.
Yes Bush left plenty of problems,including Iran.and an economy that was overspending.He did not veto bills that should have been stopped.Yet one year is enough time to take respobsibility.
On security,foreign affairs,bipartisanship, healthcare,and revising the economy he has been a failure.If the polls are correct there will be a massive change of power in Congress.
While ideally healthcare Obamastyle should be repealed(if passed) that will be difficult.More possible will be to defund every beaurocrat and office that needs an appropriation in this area,and keep adding additions to bills that cannot be vetoed, but will emasculate the Pelosi-Reid bill.