Monday, January 04, 2010


When I became President of the OU, I went to the kashruth Dept.,and asked why Tootsie Rolls were not kosher.I was told that an approach had been made,but the company,which was family held felt that an ingredient which would have to be changed was necessary for the product.I forgot about it until last week when I read that they will now have OU certification.I have not tasted it,but recall my youth when our standards were a bit different than today.

The remark that John Brennan WH Asst to the Pres for Homeland Security made regarding the criminal approach to the plane bomber is almost criminal on its own.
He said that the defendant knows that later perhaps to get concessions he can talk to authorities with information.In the meantime since being lawyered up,he has been silent.Under our system,that could be 3-5 years from now.How will that help us answer who he trained with,what are the nameS of other Yemeni terrorists,and so on.
No wonder the majority of Americans believe he should be waterboarded,and not given his Miranda rights.Too bad Mr Brennan was not a passenger on the planeTO REALLY FEEL WHAT IS AT STAKE.
The Obama approach is simply unbelievable.Why should we offer any concessions to someone who wanted to blow up a plane and kill 300 innocent lives.Get the information first,then kill him(after a militart tribunal) or put him away for life in GUANTANAMO.

The attack on Scott Rasmussen by liberals is fascinating.He has been the most accurate pollster in recent national and state elections.However instead oF wondering why Obama and his liberal cohorts have falling numbers,better to attack the pollster.
It reminds me of the attacks on Fox by the WH.These guys never learn.It will only drive more people to look at his web site daily.