Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Errol Southers / A call from Washington /Martha Coakley

It was good to read that Errol Southers who was the Obama nominee for TSA has withdrawn his candidacy. Sen. Demint had placed a hold on his name,because he feared that Southers was prepared to unionize TSA employees.
He also was less than truthful regarding his unlawful seaching of FBI files years ago for which he was censured.
It goes to show you how one person can stop such nominations often successfully.

I received a call today from an old friend who happens to be a senior Congresswoman from the West.We have a long relationship.She is also a liberal with a strong pro-Israel record.
She sounded dazed,and basically said "enough following Pelosi.It's back to the center".
She was fully cognizant of all the complaints regarding secret back door deals,and my impression was she heard the voters in Mass. loud and clear on HC and spending.

One note on the criticism of AG Martha Coakley as a poor candidate.That might be true,however she did run in previous statewide elections and did succeed in a contentious primary for the Dem Senate nod.
Washington has to look at what the voters see-no transparency-10% unemployment=secret deals with unions-La-Nebraska- and more and more taxes with no end in site.Failure to realize this will make last nite look like an appetizer for the Nov debacle.