Sunday, January 17, 2010

Obama and Mass..

I wish I had the talent to express myself as Peggy Noonan did in yesterdays WSJ.I believe it is available online.and on RealClear
With 48 hours to go it is difficult to ascertain if the Obama visit today to Mass. can save the day.
I found it interesting that Obama who claims he is a practicing Chrisitian it seems rarely goes to Church,Today he spoke at one for MLK Day.Thus I was suprised by the headline 'OBAMA GOES TO MASS" UNTIL I REALIZED IT WAS TO CAMPAIGN FOR COAKLEY.

The problem with Obama as Noonan points out is a disconnect from America,our feelings and aspirations.
Look at Cong. Weiner of Bkly who used to be an aide to then Cong. Schumer who said if Brown wins they will have to rush rhe HC bill even by conciliation.Would not a reasonable person say -hey America is talking to us-enough deals and backroom corruption-let us go back to the drawing board.
Or Cong. Debbie Schultz Wasserman, who with a straight face said the Mass Senate race has nothing to do with HC!
Be that as it may,we will know soon enough,and just as 3 visits and robo-calling by Obama in NJ didn't help.I believe that will be the case here.