Thursday, January 28, 2010

STATE OF THE UNION / The Ellison lettter

I found the Obama SOU to be a combination campaign speech and church sermon.The most important omission was his failure to be specific about changing the atmosphere in WASHINGTON.
Bipartisanship-? yes, but the WH has to invite Rep. leaders and accept some of their points. Neither were done this past year.
YES- you had a great majority in both Houses,-yet you did not pass health, energy etc-why is that the minorities fault?
You rail against earmarks-but yet sign a bill with billions in such earmarks,and the most you can come up with is to put them on-line.
You called for doubling exports,and mentioned S. Korea ,Panama and Columbia.However for one year you have not pushed your party to ratify trade agreements already in place(Union opposition).
You call for a freeze on spending,but not for a whole year-you blame it on budget process.NONSENSE-you could have asked both Houses to make it efective tomorrow.
You showed poor form in criticizing the Supreme Court decision,with the Justices sitting in front of you,when you know they cannot respond.
You mentioned how horrible Bush was,but did not give him credit for the "surge", or low unemployment on his watch.
You failed to mention the "Mirandizing and criminally charging" the terrorist,who you initially called an isolated individual.
You failed to mention the attempt to have these terror trials in NYC,which will cost hundreds of millions  in security costs  and tie up the city.
In essence you foolishly decided to dig your heels into the dirt and stay the course of  a real leftist policy.The voters in Nov. will make their own decision.

The decision by 54 Democratic Congressman led by Cong Ellison who is a Muslim to ask the US to pressure Israel regarding opening up the Gaza  strip for supplies, without recognizing the terror potential involved is quite upsettind.Does it speak to a lessening of Democratic support for Israeol?