Monday, January 18, 2010

Orient House Again / Iran sanctions

I recall a number of years ago when Orient House was open in Jerusalem.I had the opportunity to travel there with a Deputy Mayor of the city in his car.We did not enter this huge building with the flags of the PLO, but sat outside and watched for a period of time and then circled the blocks and neighborhood.
This was a center for subversive anti-Israel activity as later documented when the building was finally closed.As we sat there and drove slowly around ,he and his security person pointed out the huge number of Palestinian security agents around the building and beighborhood in violation of agreements.
It was truly a State within a State.
Today , the EU would like Israel to reopen this building as a gesture of good will.To do so,would be to announce that there is a future for a Palestinian State and capitol in Jerusalem.FM Lieberman is correct in that the time for continued concessions to Abbas is long past.They try to stir up anti-Israel sentiment in the UN,EU, and the big 4 and push for these concessions-ENOUGH!

Again the Obama administration is whistling in the dark regarding sanctions against Iran
Not only is China opposed,as probably is Russia,they sent a low level diplomat to the talks regarding the future of sanctions. The WH will have to come to the conclusion to go it alone with Germany,France and England,or use military power,or simply say we have failed to stop a nuclear Iran.
In that case, they will have to pray that Israel sits idly by.That would be hard to accept, however the world is full of suprises.
Incidentally it is sad,if true, that Bibi requested Washington's PERMISSION before approving the construction of 700 homes in Jerusalem under threat of a Shas revolt.