Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The pressure continues.

The full court press is on .NSC Chief Jim Jones has arrived amidst so many rumors and leaks.Abbas is still holding out for a cessation of Jerusalem construction.
Then Mitchell is coming , more ideas,proposed letters and new starts.
What with 20 rockets coming in from Gaza 2 days ago,the lack of any PA control there, it all seems so silly.Much talk about the "impossible dream".
There was an interesting column by Sever Plocker in Ynet news 2 days ago,that in essence that documents that Israel has no need for any US loan guarantees.In fact they are not using them,so any threat by Mitchell is hollow.
Nevertheless, the pressure on Bibi is great,and we are coming to crunch time re: Iran and perhaps Gaza with a need to re-capture the Philadelphia route.

I see Iraq wants to sue Israel for damage to the Osirak reactor.How about a counter-suit for the rockets sent toward Israel,not only for the damage, but the disruption of the economy.