Sunday, January 31, 2010

President Obama / The OU shabbaton

I watched a good deal of the Presidents meeting with the Republican House members,but was not impressed.There is no reason to believe that he will go back to the drawing board on HC.Nor on the issue of terrorism-Gitmo-Mirandizing the plane terrorist,military trials etc-his administration is mum.The Pentagon report on the Ft Hood shooter is a joke.
I forgot to mention that both Gitmo and his failed ME peace efforts were not part of the SOU.

The Orthodox Union had some sort of a shabbaton in 4 South Fl. synagogues this week.I have been pushing for  a much wider event with a greater long range goal for about 4 years.There is a model to follow based on the West Coast region under the leadership of Rabbi Alan Kalinsky.
The ultimate goal should be to open an office in S. Florida possibly in Hollywood,and develop a lay leadership in every OU synagogue with a regional lay Board.The purpose would be to develop programs locally initiated that at the end of the day increase the number of OU synagogues,individual membership,  fund raising and programs.For example a Florida IPA could impact on Tallahassee.
Following the  LA model, the region should have a shabbaton during either x-mas or yeshiva week in every OU synagogue from Miami Beach to West Palm with scholars in residence.On Sunday there should be a half or whole day convention with panels .speakers on various interesting and current topics.What they had today is 1 session on parenting.While some will attend, it is not germane for a huge senior citizen S. Florida population Topics might include
The future of Hesder Yeshivoth in a democracy
The yeshiva tuition crisis
The effect of an Israeli attack on Iran
Where is the OU headed ?
and so on.
The day should conclude with a dinner-even if the first year you only get 30-50 people with the Exec VP and Pres. speaking
Above all the person who attends even just a drasha in shul should walk out being more knowledgeable and proud of the OU.
It should be held in the center of Dade-Broward-Palm Beach County.
Yesterday was a beginning!.