Sunday, January 03, 2010


Congressman Robert Wexler is leaving his Congressional seat here in Palm Beach County to take up a position in a left wing organization run by Danny Abraham.He hopes to convince Israelis that Obama is good for Israel.
Good Luck!
What is more interesting is that the reason he is leaving is the financial gain he will receive.Public records published today in the Palm Beach Post show he has "liabilities between $40,003 and $115,00 in credit card debt" (plus student loans).
No wonder he and his fellow Dem. liberals can vote to increase the deficit time after time.They themselves have no financial discipline.Of course he has resposibilities for 2 homes and children in college etc,but that is not the picture elected representatives who control our pursestrings and taxes should present.

I watched part of John Brennans CNN interview this morning.He is Asst. to the Pres.for Homeland Security.These guys must think that we Americans are idiots and simple.When asked in view of the relationship of the Islamic cleric in Yemen with both the X-mas attempted bomber and the Fort Hood shooter,would he now characterize the Fort Hood shooting as terror?,he refused to answer.
When asked regarding the comparison of 9/11 and the plane incident with a failure to connect dots and a breakdown of the 9/11 Commission recommendations,he became defensive and denied it.Minutes later former NJ Gov. Kaine Vice-Chmn of the Commission,placed blame on the Administration, for exactly those reasons-taking their eyes off the ball, and concentrating only on healthcare etc .
The "War on Terror" will still be our priority long after Obama leaves office.
Meantime Brennan and Napalitano must go!By the way,Brennan did not think it signicant that a wealthy prestigious Nigerian banker would get the courage to turn his son in because the father did not say the word"TERRORIST"Also Brennan was in Saudi Arabia when they tried to kill the King or Prince with an underwear bomb.He did not hve the "sechel"brains to say to himself-"hey maybe they can use this on a flight"anD start the intelligence community planning.No he said there was no alert on air travel-therefore why get upset?