Sunday, January 24, 2010

J Street again / Israeli hospitals in Haiti

I read that J Street the left wing so-called pro-Israel group will be taking some menbers of Congress to Israel this year, as well as increasing their campaign contributions by 50%.
I see no need to go over once again their money obtained from muslim sources,and their attitudes to Israel,settlements,Jerusalem,the current govt. etc,However, they are a danger and we will recall that Amb. Oren refused to attend their convention.
Over the years when a new Congress convenes,pro-Arab groups have invited some Congressional freshmen to go on a fact-finding mission with them to Israel.Some with less experience of the nuances of mid-East policy have accepted.However quickly they were approached by more senior members,who convinced them to cancel and join pro-Israel groups.The same tactic should occur now.These guys are as dangerous as anything Saudia Arabia with their mega dollars can put up for propaganda.
In addition as I said a few months ago, pro-Israel PACs should go to these Congressmen/candidates and say clearly" if you accept money from J-Street,we will not contribute to your campaigns",and spread the word to individuals who normally contribute to campaigns. The word will get out quickly. They must be marginalized.Despite the Obama administration pat on the back,in the next administration they will be once again in the woodshed.

Both CNN and MSNBC had short segements on the magnificent work of the Israeli hospital unit in Haiti.It outshines every single unit and country including the U.S.They are up to date on tele-communications for x-rays and consultations  etc that can be sent to another country,a neo-natal unit,ventilators,a functioning operating unit  and ICU.The other country units are often disorganized,many without a sense of order, antibiotics or instruments.Of course the fact that the IDF has so much battle experience on a moments notice really pays off. It is a true KIDDUSH HASHEM
the sanctificatiion of G-d's name.