Monday, January 11, 2010

Baby it's cold outside/inside / Turkey / Harry Reid

All my really heavy winter clothes are up north,so the frigid cold is most unwelcome and uncomfortable. Going to synagogue in the morning with a 34-38 degee temp,and winds of 10-20 miles per hour are totally unexpected.
We haven't heard too much from the global warming crowd,especially now that we are talking about a 10-20 year cooling cycle.
Lesson-they are all full of baloney,since no one can predict from computer models anything but broad trends-that is until they are proven wrong.

The bitter anti-semitic attacks originating in Turkey and the PM's office, is hard to explain.
One day they want to act as mediators with Syria,the next day they reaffirm their friendship with Israel,and then they accuse Israel as being the most dangerous threat to world peace.

The Harry Reid saga is great for cable television,but despite some double standards for Dems,it will really not change the facts on the ground.The economy and jobs ( or lack of them,) and Obamacare will determine Harry Reid's future.Of course local factors will also work against him as they did when Majority Leader Tom Daschle was defeated.
Since none of us knows what is in the health bill,nor what is so far unresolved, it is impossible to know if it is "hanging by a thread" as Drudge reports or not.It is a sad lesson in democracy when the overwhelming majority (perhaps 80-90% ) of the Congress are sitting like puppies waiting for their master to come home and let them out on a leash to carry out their consitutions, and vote the party line.Then unless they live in solidly Dem. districts ,will have to go out and defend themselves, and ask their voters to send them back to Washington.