Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Brown-out !

My wife got it right Brown by 5-6 points. I thought it would be 10-11.Either way the significance is not only on healthcare,cap and trade etc,but on how Obama is percieved by foreign governments.
He put huge political capitol into this campaign,as he did in NJ and Va.,and has nothing to show but a public perception of arrogance.
If I were the Pres. as I said a week ago, I would get rid of my 2 chief political advisors (the Chicago boys) Mr Geithner and a few of the Homeland Security bigwigs,and show the American people he is listening.
There should be a revolt in the House against Pelosi,who wants these moderates to walk the plank for her.
Finally,this puts to rest the Kennedy-Lion myth.Our Rabbis tell us "after death-one becomes a saintly person".What was -was and the people have rebelled against Washington,big govt. deals behind closed doors,a lack of promised transparency and a corrupt political machine worse tha the Republicans who we threw out of power 4 and 2 years ago.
Perhaps the Brown win will lead to a renewed conservative approach to govt, by the Republicans