Monday, February 01, 2010

Iran and the USA / Rubio vs, Crist

Although the posting of U.S. land and sea based anti-ballistic units is a psychological uplift for Israel,in fact it is less than it appears.
Firstly a US test today simulating an Iranian missile attack was a failure.The ABM did not shoot down the attacking missile.
Secondly,these units for the most part are mobile,and if China threatens Taiwan, or N. Korea acts up,what is to guarantee that some of these units will not  be sent to that arena.
The only guarantee is for Iran to cease her nuclear program.Barring that Israel will have to make its own decisions.
The Heritage Foundation just published a study on the effects of an Israeli attack on Iran.

The latest poll numbers from Florida showing Rubio now 12 points ahead of Crist for the Senate nomination,speaks to the fact that Republican voters want the most conservative candidates on the ticket.