Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Miranda Scandal

There are 2 different issues under discussion regarding the x-mas underwear bomber.
1-should he be tried in military or civilian court?
2-should he receive a Miranda warning, and if so when?

The first question doesn't bother me as much as the second.It sounds  like Federal Courts have handled most terrorist cases properly-with mostly convictions.However to try these guys in downtown NY is asinine.

However, the answer to the second question really has been answered by the facts.
The "bomber " was arrested and for fifty minutes was questioned.The Administrations said he told everything he knew-despite the fact that the questioners were not conversant in Yemenese terror organizations.Whereupon he was Mirandized and became silent.
Now if what they said was correct,then we should assume the bomber had nothing more to add.However after his parents came, and after a 5 week hiatus He started talking.Plenty of time for terror subjects to hit the road.So therefore he did not tell all before being Mirandized.
How can anyone with a straight face tell the world it was OK to Mirandize him after less than an hour of questioning?What would the downside be if he was questioned as an enemy combatant which he was, for 72 hours Then he could have been assigned to either a military or civilian court.
Obama and his people are out of their league in dealing with terrorism.
When the A-G can't answer if Osama were he to be captured,should he be Mirandized,we are in trouble.