Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Super Bowl ad / Jeb Bush / Schumer

Since I do not follow professional sports,I probably won't see the controversial ad during the super bowl.Surely pro and anti abortion advocates have equal opportunity to push their cause.I find it not only insulting, but immature in the manner the pro-choice people have attacked the ad,the network etc,All the controversy will accomplish is that not only will more people watch the ad,and comment on it,but good,bad or indifferent it will-have staying power.Had the groups acted maturely, they either should have sponsored their own ad,or kept quiet and allow the ad to fade post-game.

I did not live in Florida during the Jeb Bush administration.However, from what I read he is the most "competent of the Bush family".His name has come up in a few blogs as a possible 2012 candidate for President.I heard this AM on local radio,that the constant Obama attacks on the previous President would harm Jeb.I am not so sure.People ,except his ( Obama) base, are tired of the blame game.

Interesting to see Chuck Schumer,who is not only running for re-election,but for Majority Leader (should Reid lose),is below 50% in the latest approval rating. He needs a few more Sunday press conferences in front of a bank or gas station.